Revitalized Immune Activator Wellness System


At its heart, Revitalized Immune Activator Wellness System is an electronic battery-operated pulse generator based on the design by Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper. It makes tiny electrical pulses, with a positive DC voltage offset, that are applied to the body. The usual connection to the body is through conductive wristbands. In a properly designed Hulda Clark zapper, the amount of current in each pulse is carefully limited and controlled. This means that a Hulda Clark zapper cannot cause electrical shock or risk of tissue damage. In fact, only about one person in 1000 can even feel if the current is flowing or not. In the userís body, these tiny current pulses pass through all types of tissues, including muscles, organs and blood vessels. But their real target is the blood flow itself. That is why the current is usually connected to pass from one limb of the body to another. Then it will intercept major arterial blood flow. As noted above, the zapper current achieves its health effects in a very striking and elegant way. Rather than attacking parasites, bacteria and viruses directly by electronic means, the zapper current activates the white blood cells. Since the white blood cells form the immune system, this activation is extremely powerful. The activated white blood cells begin to seek out and destroy anything that does not belong in the bloodstream.